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Title: LED Lamp
Short Description: Aluminum desklamp-size lamp with 504 LEDs. Colored light controlled with a touchpad and separately with an ethernet interface.
Main hardware: Red, green, blue, yellow, white ultra-bright LEDs; Synaptics touchpad TM1202SBU200-1; RabbitCore RCM2200; PIC17C44-33
Software tool: Dynamic C (for RabbitCore); Assembly (for PICs); Java for prototyping and UI
Platforms: any Java compliant platform
Date: September 2001 - May 2003
Keywords: touchpad, lighting control, intensity control, virtual slider, virtual dimmer
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LED Lamp

We introduce a novel style of lighting in a unique industrial design and apply new lighting and lighting control techniques, including a universal TCP/IP network interface. The LED Lamp features two lamp shades, each with 252 bright LEDs of five colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and White, representing the Hering theory of three opponent color pairs (Red-Green, Blue-Yellow, and White-Black). Color and brightness can be adjusted separately to create custom lighting arrangements.

The LED Lamp allows the user to easily create and control various lighting ambiences based on mood or task. Lighting arrangements are implemented via a text-based TCP/IP messaging system, which can accommodate any application, such as a sound and music spectrum analyzer or ambience simulator. The tactile sensation of using the touchpad linked with immediate feedback from the multi-colored light clusters provides an entertaining and educational exploration of light. By its design, the Lamp is suited for a large desk as a desk lamp, but also fits into any other environment with some elevation from the ground.