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6. Assignment

Using a profile picture of a motorcycle with a rider, trace the outline of it placed on the inclined street as shown in the example from the tutorial. Then, apply Potential Flow Analysis in I-DEAS, as demonstrated in class. Your deliverables will have to include the following:

  • A short paragraph in which you verbally point out some of the advantages/disadvantages of the motorcycle design. You should include a few numeric results, e.g. the wind speed in the tunnel and the maximum experienced velocity. Do the results make sense to you? If not, what could be the cause for the discrepency?
  • Include a screenshot of the visual analysis, as demonstrated in class.

Here are a few reminders for the construction of the motorcycle's cross-section:

  • Make sure that you construct only one curve, i.e. a continuous curve. Use a CV curve, and if you temporarily suspend the construction, make sure to continue the curve using the tool add pts from the Curve Edit palette.
  • Make sure that the curve is closed: Magnet-snap the end point of your curve to the start point.
  • To create sharp corners using a 3 degree CV curve (3 degree = default), you can magnet-snap 3 points to an existing point. See the tutorial for details.