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5. Assignment

I-DEAS Structural Analysis: Using the wheel from the web site, apply structural analysis in I-DEAS, as demonstrated in class. Apply a weight (force) to the wheel other than 3000 N, as shown in the tutorial. You may wish to consult with your team members in choosing a different value for the force; for example, your team may wish to investigate a force of 2500N, 5000N, 7500N, etc., and from the analysis you can easily figure out whether or not the results are linearly increasing, as we have boldly assumed in class.

Your deliverables for this exercise will have to include the following: (every student within motorcycle teams must turn in their own assignment)

  • In 3 sentences, explain the phenomena observed in the analysis. If you have consulted with your team about different forces, briefly (2 sentences) enumerate the numerical answers and mention whether or not the results are linearly proportional to the applied force.
  • Include a screenshot of the visual analysis, as demonstrated in class. Provide two or three sentences, in which you verbally describe the most distinctive characteristics of your wheel design, e.g. the most sensitive area / most prone to experience distortion.
  • Give a short numerical answer to how well the wheel will perform in a realistic situation, i.e. by what factor of the tested scenario will the wheel exhibit substantial distortion/desctruction that would render it useless. See the tutorial for an example.
  • Submit a PowerPoint presentation that includes screenshots, analysis, and some verbal explanation.