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7.2 Assignment - Lecture 7

For this assignment, you will need to modify exercise_terrain to the effect of including regen braking, and a variable weight for the rider. In exercise_terrain, we have assumed that for downhill motion, energy was neither required, nor was it regenerated using regen braking. In this assignment you will add the component of regen braking for downhill motion. Finally, instead of evaluating the graph for a constant weight of the rider, you will vary the weight between [40..110] kg and compute a matrix of results, one dimension being the distance travelled (as computed in exercise_terrain), and the other dimension being the weight of the rider.

In addition to any variables from previous exercises, you will require the following for this assignment:

  • mrider = [40:110] (range of total weight of rider)

Note: Remember to observe the efficiency value of effoverall for regenerated energy!