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9.4 Assignment - Lecture 9

9.4.1 Group Component

In this assignment your group will prepare the statistical portion that should be used during the Midterm project presentation. You have already collected data for your project, and you have individually used the data to plot certain interesting aspects. For the midterm presentation, you will need to refine your data and graphs and include as much useful and meaningful information as possible.

You will be required to perform some computation on the data set to derive some fact of interest, or a prediction. For example, if you have a time series of data, you may want to consider using regression to make a prediction. There is no need for this prediction to be correct (obviously you are unlikely able to predict the future), but in many cases a simple prediction will be shocking or interesting enough to grab the audience's attention. For instance, if one were to make a prediction of gasoline prices or world population based on existing data, the results would be astounding.

Prepare data sets and m-files to make your point in one or multiple graphs. Make sure that your graphs are mostly self-explanatory. If they are not, you should probably use more than one graph to make your point. Your group will be graded on the clarity and usefulness of the statistics / graph(s) that you have chosen.

Note: Tie these statistics and graphs into your midterm presentation. A short (30 second) discussion should suffice. For this part you will be graded during the midterm.

9.4.2 Deliverables

As this is a team assignment, only one of your team members is required to submit the work. Nonetheless, all members in a team should work on it! Submit all m-files and data sets for this part, as well as images (screenshots) of the graphs in JPG format.

Make sure to put all statements in the m-files. Assuming that the data set is loaded from the data files, the grader should be able to execute the m-files and receive output as described in the assignment.

Note: To generate a screenshot, you can use the "Print Screen" button, and copy-paste the clipboard into Photoshop. You can also use the menu in the subplot window to save the figure. In that case, be sure to save the figure as a JPG, not a FIG.