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Reporting Bugs

There are probably bugs in the GNU C library. There are certainly errors and omissions in this manual. If you report them, they will get fixed. If you don't, no one will ever know about them and they will remain unfixed for all eternity, if not longer.

To report a bug, first you must find it. Hopefully, this will be the hard part. Once you've found a bug, make sure it's really a bug. A good way to do this is to see if the GNU C library behaves the same way some other C library does. If so, probably you are wrong and the libraries are right (but not necessarily). If not, one of the libraries is probably wrong.

Once you're sure you've found a bug, try to narrow it down to the smallest test case that reproduces the problem. In the case of a C library, you really only need to narrow it down to one library function call, if possible. This should not be too difficult.

The final step when you have a simple test case is to report the bug. When reporting a bug, send your test case, the results you got, the results you expected, what you think the problem might be (if you've thought of anything), your system type, and the version of the GNU C library which you are using. Also include the files `config.status' and `config.make' which are created by running `configure'; they will be in whatever directory was current when you ran `configure'.

If you think you have found some way in which the GNU C library does not conform to the ANSI and POSIX standards (see section Standards and Portability), that is definitely a bug. Report it!

Send bug reports to the Internet address `bug-glibc@prep.ai.mit.edu' or the UUCP path `mit-eddie!prep.ai.mit.edu!bug-glibc'. If you have other problems with installation or use, please report those as well.

If you are not sure how a function should behave, and this manual doesn't tell you, that's a bug in the manual. Report that too! If the function's behavior disagrees with the manual, then either the library or the manual has a bug, so report the disagreement. If you find any errors or omissions in this manual, please report them to the Internet address `bug-glibc-manual@prep.ai.mit.edu' or the UUCP path `mit-eddie!prep.ai.mit.edu!bug-glibc-manual'.

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