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1.9 Ultra 10

1.9.1 ATA Hard Drives

The Ultra 10 comes standard with a 9GB Seagate ATA hard drive. Upgrading this specific disk or even adding a second ATA drive may prove problematic. While most hard drives will work in the Ultra 10, a hard drive's size may not be recognized correctly and the full capacity is not used in the end. The reason for this is surely in OS specific details related to what hard drives are accepted by Sun and which ones aren't. For example, using an IBM Deskstar IC35L060AVER07 60 GB hard drive will allow a maximum of 26 GB to be used. Other examples can be found on the web. The best recommendation: Add a SCSI card to the Ultra 10 and use SCSI disks, for which this problem does not exist.

1.10 Sun V100

1.10.1 ATA Hard Drives

Sun V100, similar to Ultra 10, uses ATA hard drives. Standard sizes advertised by Sun are 40GB and 80GB. It is possible to upgrade ATA hard drives in a Sun V100 up to 127GB formatted, which requires a drive of size 140GB. (A 120GB drive provides 111GB of formatted space). It is not possible to obtain more than 127GB from a hard drive in a V100, regardless of what the size of the hard drive really is.