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1.1.2 EEPROM security mode and password reset

To reset the password for the ok prompt, there exist 2 methods of resetting it. Knowing the existing password

At the ok prompt, type in "password"

ok password
You will be asked for the current password, and then the new password. Either leave the new password empty or specify a new password.

To set the security mode:

ok setenv security-mode full

ok setenv security-mode none Not knowing the existing password

The following procedure erases the EEPROM (including the password). Make sure to note down the MAC address and HostID, as these values must be set after flashing the EEPROM. Both of these values tend to appear on the third line of text next to a Sun logo of some sort when turning on the machine. The first and second line mention processor type, amount of memory, and some version information.

Disconnect power, open up the chassis, and locate the EEPROM on the motherboard. It is a rectangular black plastic block (IC = integrated circuit) about 2" long, 3/4" wide, 1/2" high, possibly with a yellow sticker on it. In some machines, the IC is placed in an additional plastic socket, which ensures that the IC is not placed in reverse. Remove the IC from the motherboard.

Now place the IC back into its socket backwards, i.e. rotate it 180 degrees. Connect power but do not turn on the machine. In some cases the EEPROM is damaged if the machine is turned on, in other cases, it has no negative effect. Leave power connected for about 10 seconds. This flashes the EEPROM.

Disconnect power, remove the EEPROM, and place it back into the socket the correct way, i.e. rotate back 180 degrees. Close the chassis, connected power, and turn on the machine.

At this point, the values in the EEPROM should be reset to their defaults, including no security mode and no password.

If the machine previously booted from a non-default location, this location must be set again.

To set MAC address (AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF) and HostID (GG:HH:II), perform the following steps:

ok set-defaults
ok setenv diag-switch? false
The command mkpl (MKPL in lowercase)

Sun typically uses 08:00:20 for the first three hex values:

ok 8 0 20 DD EE FF GGHHII mkpl
Moreover, the hostid tends to have similarities to the MAC address. Trust the values you have noted down.

ok 8 0 20 DD EE FF DDEEFF mkpl
After typing in the line ending with the command "mkpl", press Control-D, and then Control-R. If a Copyright Notice is printed on the following lines, then the ID was NOT changed because IDPROM checksum was valid. In this case, invalidate the checksum:

ok f idprom@ 1 xor f mkp
Then repeat the steps above.

To check the value of the IDPROM, type:

ok .idprom