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1. Introduction

The Actor Interaction Analyzer/Visualizer is a tool that graphically represent interactions between actors, given a detailed outline of filming set location and actor information. This tool was developed for situational comedies (Sitcoms) with limited set locations and number of main actors, but it may be used for virtually any interaction-rich content.

The goal of this research topic is to find some systematic and graphically representable way of categorizing sitcoms and to develop rules that can be applied to any such sitcom, in order to summarize the plot in a grammatical structure. This grammatical structure may lead to a more structured approach to searching for episodes based on vague user-provided information.

The goal of this tool was to generate two virtual representation of actor interactions: 1. a summarized graph spanning all locations, and 2. a table of location-specific graphs. From the summary graph, we are able to quickly learn about the most important present and absent interactions between actors. The location-specific graphs highlight detailed interaction between actors in specific scenes.

The data used in this research project was defined and generated by a doctoral student with a thesis topic in video summarization.