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1. Background

1.1 Summary

The Cathedral of Saint Pierre in Beauvais, France, is one of the great Gothic cathedrals that was built during the 11th and 12th century. Over the next few hundred years numerous changes have been made to the structure of the cathedral in order to save it from destruction due to weather conditions and the such. One of the latest additions was a collection of massive beams to the inside of the cathedral that would further prevent the collapse of the building. In an attempt to restore the cathedral to some of its original look-and-feel, more than 100 3D cloud point scans have been taken from the inside and outside of the cathedral, that, when registered correctly, represent a 3 dimensional model of the church. It is the hope of the project founders to work with this 3D model to the end of performing structural analysis, which may eventually help to understand what measures need to be employed to reconstruct part of the cathedral.

1.2 Prof. Peter Allen

  Description of entire project by Prof. Peter Allen  

1.3 New York Times

  Article, October 27, 2001  

1.4 Photonics Applications

  Article, February 2002  
  Article, February 2002   (Local Copy)