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    As to the most narrowly specified description, and the most widely described one, the results from this algorithm deviate somewhat from the suggested outcome; however, for a reason.

The accumulation of descriptions is found by the same method as used for user input, only that it is applied to every pixel on the map. Because most spots on the map are described rather accurately, we can find several points at which there exists a unique description. This is mostly due to the high density of buildings on the map. In a less dense environment, the results will be different. The description given on the screen shot is as follows:

For the most widely described description, the algorithm finds a spot near Hamilton, JJ, Hartley & Wallach, rather than on College walk. If we look at the map in that region, we will find that it is sparsely populated with complicated buildings, unlike the rest of campus. Moreover, four separate buildings have been combined to one building on the map. If they were to be separate, the results would be different. For this reason, the same description is found at that spot exactly 1907 times. And even though College Walk may seem to be a good candidate for a repetitive descriptions, there exist enough (smaller) buildings and other structures to actually produce a multitude of distinct results in that region.