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1. Background

1.1 Assignment

The goal of the project is to visualize information about cars in a way that allows the user to gain a better understanding of it. The data set presents information about 392 cars. Each car is represented by a record containing nine items: MPG (miles per gallon), number of cylinders, number of cubic inches, horsepower, weight in lbs., time to accelerate to sixty MPH, year, brand, and country (one of US, Japan, Europe). In the database linked to this file, each instance's record occupies one line containing comma-separated fields. The original database can be found at , where it is called cars.all.

Using the general user interface techniques and information visualization techniques discussed in class and in the readings, your task is to develop an interactive system that lets the user gain the best understanding of the data that you can make possible. You can choose techniques such as detail and context views (e.g., as developed for SDMS), dynamic queries (e.g., as implemented in the FilmFinder), or any of other techniques (not necessarily restricted to those covered in class and in the readings). No matter which set of techniques you choose, however, you will need to develop a user interface that exploits these techniques.