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5.4.4 Image Frame

The Image Frame displays full-sized Slides selected from the Key Frame View. In version 2, the Image Frame also displays Slides from mouse-over activity in the Key Frame View.

The Image Frame also doubles as the Slide Player, which plays back selected content Slides from Sections or Topics.

A toolbar features functions to resize Slides and to show the Color Analogy Image, which maps media type colors to physical locations in a classroom.

Figure 1.27: Image Frame with original-sized Slide
Click image to enlarge, or click here to open
Depending on preference, the image in the Image Frame can be resized to fit the frame. This is useful for enlarging small keyframes and reducing the size of images large images in the dataset. For example, we found that while Slides are typically small in size, infused screenshots from PowerPoint are much larger than the default Image Frame.

Figure 1.28: Resize-to-fit Button

5.4.5 Selecting Media Types

The interface provides functions to select individual Slides, Sections, and Topics. All Slides of a media type can also be selected via separate buttons in the toolbar of the application window.

Figure 1.29: Version 0, 1: Select media type buttons
Figure 1.30: Version 2: Select media type buttons