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1. Lecture Indexer Tool

The complete Java application can be started via Java Web Start. Below, each link loads the Lecture Indexer with the content from a different lecture recorded at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University:
  • COMS W4111: Database Systems, Prof. Gravano
  • COMS W4118: Operating Systems I, Prof. Nieh
  • COMS W6111: Advanced Database Systems, Prof. Gravano

Please be patient while loading the data via Java Web Start; data files are between 7-10 Mb in size, depending on the length of the lecture.

  COMS W4111, Section 8, 10/02/2001  
  COMS W4118, Section 8, 10/03/2001  
  COMS E6111, Section 6, 03/04/2002  
  COMS E6111, Section 7, 03/25/2002