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3. Introduction to the course

3.1 Summary

  • What this course is about?
  • What is Programming?
  • Object Oriented vs. Procedural Programming
  • What is an algorithm?

3.2 Contents

3.2.1 What is this course about?

The idea of the course is to teach Object Oriented Programming (OOP) by example of Java and Java's Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT). Java is inherently an OOP language that has a lot of features to offer. AWT refers to the Programming Interface that is used to create Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Just about everyone who has used a computer has used a GUI - Microsoft Windows is a GUI, Office is a GUI, Netscape is a GUI, almost every program that makes use of a Mouse and some graphical interface falls under the category of a GUI. It turns out that all of these GUI interfaces have been and still are developed in Object Oriented Languages; however, not Java, even though certain companies develop their programs in Java nowadays. This course is designed to teach the concepts of OOP by making use of Java's AWT to make GUIs. All GUI components, whether they are buttons, textfields, or anything else in that category, have been designed as Objects, which is why they exhibit the properties of OOP very well, both conceptually as well as visually. This combination shall serve in teaching OOP, while demonstrating the framework of applications that you use everyday.

3.2.2 What is Programming?

3.2.3 Object Oriented vs. Procedural Programming

3.2.4 What is an algorithm?