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5.4.5 Solutions to Some of the Environmental Issues

Occam's Razor was well employed in this assignment, in designing the rudimentary commands for the Sentinel to recognize and perform. Simpler is better when it comes to the "baby step" commands, like left or right. Fork did not seem to follow suit, but we could attribute that to its chaotic nature displayed on the web cam screen.

Figure 1.13: Static in the video feed. Max Horizontal Line Percentage: About 70 percent of this line is white space. This never occurs during normal operating circumstances; therefore we can disregard this image and continue on to the next.
To solve issues with web cam fuzz and static, we noticed a great difference between the theme of our algorithm versus the impression received from the web cam fuzz - verticality to horizontality. Our algorithm regards vertical lines as highly important. We disregard lines that are completely horizontal, because if a vehicle were to make a decision as it approaches a horizontal line, it would have to go randomly. This does not test the intelligence of the algorithm. Instead, we could use the aspect of fuzz and define it as white area taking up a horizontal space. Here we use the discretized image data variable, max horizontal line percentage.

As a way to keep this algorithm robust, our algorithm does not concern itself with the actual width of the line. This shows that it could handle lines of virtually any size, as long as it only takes up a one-third vertical portion of the view.

Figure 1.14: Variable Line Width