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1. Starting VAST MM

  Start VAST MM Browser   This requires Java WebStart
The VAST MultiMedia Browser is built entirely on Java. You will require a recent version (1.4+) of Java and have your browser be enabled for Java WebStart applications. (Once you start the application from the link below you will find our whether it works or not). To install Java on your computer, visit the following link: . Java is available for most platforms, including:

Please note the following while using the application:

  • Loading the collective data for any given video takes some time. Be patient! Keyframes for a long video (80 min) can altogether take on the size of 10 Mb or more. This can take up to 10 seconds on a high-speed network.
  • Depending on how many users are streaming videos, the server may be slower at times. If streaming video is choppy, you may wish to use the interface at a different point in time.