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2. User Registration

This application features videos from many domains, and not all videos can be made publicly available.

Freely accessible videos include talks held in the Computer Science department of Columbia University, and a few promotional videos. Registration is not required to access these videos.

The video database is otherwise used for courses from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Columbia University. The following courses have been indexed and are used experimentally through this tool:

  • E1102, Design Fundamentals using Advanced Computer Technology, 1996-2007
  • W4771, Machine Learning, Spring 2007
  • W4115, Programming Languages and Translators

Only students who are or have been registered for any of these classes have access to their videos.

2.1 Students

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Disclaimer of use: This application is part of research - not all kinks have been worked out and we are constantly collecting information used to improve the system. It is not unlikely that our server is not dimensioned for this type of application, which may result in periods during which the application is unavailable. Please let us know if any problems surface: ah297 AT columbia DOT edu (Alexander Haubold).