Aqua Phoenix

  3. Design Document

3.3 Components of the Interfaces

3.3.1 Component / Behavior Model for 'System Administrator Interface'

Figure 3: Component / Behavior Model for 'System Administrator Interface'
Name: System Administrator Interface
Defining Qualities:
  • Create new project/database
  • Assign Site Administrator to project/database
  • Change Site Administrator of existing project/database
  • Delete project/database
  • Using a set of SQL statements, creates a blank database, which contains all necessary administrative tables
  • Copies a set of scripts to WWW and CGI-BIN directories, used for site administration and front-end usage; changes permissions accordingly
  • Inserts default site administrator (admin) into database's user table; the user 'admin' can never be deleted, only password can be changed
  • Changes password of site administrator; this supersedes any permission of the site administrator
  • Schedules a project/database for deletion. For safety reasons, a database cannot be deleted on the spot.
  • Duplicates an existing database (Database + scripts); could be used for testing purposes