Aqua Phoenix

  2. System

2.1 System Requirements

The WWW Database is intended to provide a fully functional database with the following requirements:

  • The database administrator must be able to design and maintain the database entirely over the World Wide Web
  • The database must allow a relational design, that is, tables can be created and related to a field in another table, thus producing a tree-like structure amongst tables
  • The interface must be user-friendly to the extent that the Database Administrator is presented with step-by-step questions about the design and management of the database; the Database Administrator must only have a remote idea of what a database is, and how a database is structured in terms of tables and columns everything else is managed by the interface
  • Usability of the database must be structured in a user-hierarchical manner: the entire system of multiple databases must be managed by the System Administrator; each Database is managed by one or more Database Administrators; and finally the Front-end User uses the Database by means of a custom-defined interface
  • The fields in any table can be set up freely, so that they may hold data or soft links to any outside data source, such as images, sound files, or any other multi-media and non-multi-media data