Aqua Phoenix

  2. Application Add Voting Criteria

Voting Criteria are added by the following fields (required ones marked with *):

  • Bullets: displays Radio Button style bullets, where the number and labels of bullets defined by Globals (see Globals section below).
    • *Question
    • Comment Text Field: Designates a comment text field to this voting criteria row.
    • Comment Input Required?: Defines if the comment must be filled out by the Voter.
  • Free-Form Comment: are translated into Text Areas that are to be filled out by the Voter with text.
    • *Question
    • Input Required?: Defines if the comment must be filled out by the Voter.
  • Fixed Allocatable Points: Defines a voting criteria with a maximum number of points that can be allocated in part to each voting blotter by the Voter. The maximum number of points cannot be surpassed by the sum of all individual point allocations for this particular voting criteria.
    • *Question
    • *Max Points

Add Vote Criteria
Figure 20: Add Vote Criteria
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The Question field defines the question or description of each row. It is displayed in the voting blotter to the left of all input fields. Each input that is designated to be required must be filled out by the Voter, before the voting blotter is saved to the database. Otherwise, the Voter is prompted with the request to fill out all required fields. By default, all bullet rows and point allocation rows are required to be filled out. Modify Voting Criteria

All voting criteria can be modified freely. Once a voting period has been opened, the Administrator should no longer be making changes to the voting blotter. This may jeopardize the validity of the voting data. Should such a change be made to the blotter, the Voter is nevertheless informed of this change by a warning next to the affected votes. However, this step does not invalidate the voting data and may result in false data, if not all Voters re-cast their votes. Delete Voting Criteria

When a voting criteria is deleted, all associated votes are removed as well. It is recommended that Administrators not delete voting criteria while voting periods are open; however, it is not prohibited.

Note: Once data has been deleted, it cannot be revived.