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  2. Application

2.9 Voting

Voting is available to every eVote User. In order to begin voting, the User must first set up a voting blotter. Depending on the voting period type chosen, the Voting tab displays one of two types of voting blotters. Initially, these voting blotters are empty and there are few differences in appearance, as shown on the right.

Voting by Rank - Empty Blotter
Figure 33: Voting by Rank - Empty Blotter
Voting by Points - Empty Blotter
Figure 34: Voting by Points - Empty Blotter

In order to start setting up a voting blotter, regardless of the voting type, the User must first add one or more industries. These industries serve as groups of votes, where the individual votes are cast for Recipients or Companies within an industry. An industry can be added by selecting the desired industry from the Industry drop down box, then clicking on Add. An industry can only be added once to a voting blotter. Likewise, an industry can be removed from the blotter by selecting the name from the drop down box and then clicking on Remove.

Note: The dark table header corresponds to all industry rows, while the light table header corresponds to votable entities. See below.

Voting by Rank - Added Industries
Figure 35: Voting by Rank - Added Industries
Voting by Points - Added Industries
Figure 36: Voting by Points - Added Industries

Now that industries have been added, the User may start adding Recipients or Companies as entities that can be voted on. Recipients and Companies can be added to a particular industry by clicking the Add button next to the industry name. When adding an entity for the first time for an industry, both a Recipient and a Company box appear, as shown on the right.

The User may now choose any number of Recipients to add. Should a Recipient already exist in the voting blotter, a warning sign appears instead of the Add checkbox.

After Recipients have been added to a specific industry in the voting blotter, the User may only continue to add Recipients to this industry, as opposed to mixing votes between Recipients and Companies in a given industry. However, between different industries, Recipients and Companies may be mixed. See below.

Once a voting blotter has been set-up by the User, ranks and votes can be distributed.

Recipients and Companies can be removed from the voting blotter by clicking on Remove next to the Recipient/Company. When an entire industry is removed from the voting blotter, the Recipients/Companies under that industry are removed as well.

Votes can be changed at any point, even after they have been submitted, as long as the voting period is open. Once the voting period is closed, votes can no longer be changed.

Add Recipient
Figure 37: Add Recipient