Aqua Phoenix

  2. Application

2.1 Database Setup/Management

Evote includes a configuration manager eVoteControlPanel, which helps in configuring database access for eVote's JSP scripts and servlets, creating default tables, optionally starting and stopping MySQL and Tomcat, and testing database and web connections.

Figure 1: eVoteControlPanel
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2.1.1 eVoteControlPanel Window

eVoteControlPanel is divided into several frames, each of which controls some part of eVote. eVoteControlPanel's configuration as well as eVote's dabatase properties can be saved by clicking on Save Configuration near the top of the window. When exiting eVoteControlPanel, the user is always prompted with the option of saving the configuration as well.

2.1.2 eVote Frame: General eVote Settings

  • Evote Home Directory: Root directory of eVote's jsp, servlet, class, etc. files. This directory should reside in the web server's web application directory
  • UseMySQL: Toggles MySQL specific options on/off
  • MySQL Home Directory: Root directory of MySQL
  • Control MySQL on this host: Runs the start or stop script that controls MySQL
  • EVote/MySQL Default Settings: Populates the Database Frame with its default settings; not for use if using a database other than MySQL.
  • UseTomcat: Toggles Tomcat specific options on/off
  • Tomcat Home Directory: Root directory of Tomcat
  • Control Tomcat on this host: Runs the start or stop script that controls Tomcat
  • Operating System: Depending on which Operating system you choose, the platform-specific scripts will be used when starting/stopping MySQL and Tomcat