Aqua Phoenix

  2. Application

2.3 Admin

The Admin tab is only available to Administrators. It provides for functionality for the three major data types in eVote:

  • Companies
  • Users
  • Recipients
as well as for
  • Customization (limited)
  • Voting Periods

Admin page
Figure 6: Admin page
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2.3.1 Add Company

Companies are added by the following fields (required ones marked with *):

  • *Name
  • *Category: (type of Company)
When adding a Company, the name is checked in the database for duplicates. Duplicates are not allowed and will not be added. In this case, the Administrator is prompted with an error message.

Add Company
Figure 7: Add Company

2.3.2 Modify Company

All Company data can be modified freely without affecting the relationship to Recipients and votes. A Company name can only be changed to non-existing names.

2.3.3 Delete Company

If a Company is not associated to any Recipient, the Company is deleted when clicking "Delete". Should a Company be associated with one or more Recipients, the Administrator is prompted with the option of deleting the Company including all of the associated Recipients.

Note: Once data has been deleted, it cannot be revived.

2.3.4 Import Companies

The import option allows the Administrator to load a list of Companies from an Excel Comma Separated Values File (.csv). The entries in this file must adhere to the following format of two fixed fields:

Company Name 1, Company 1 Category
Company Name 2, Company 2 Category
..., ...

After the CSV file is processed, the Administrator has the option of selecting some or all of the correctly formed entries for insertion. For partially correct entries in the CSV file, the import Servlet will attempt to provide the option to correct for mistakes. Other entries that are deemed incorrect will show up as errors. For example, the following CSV file contains some entirely correct, some partially correct and some incorrect entries:

Investment Bank a, Full Service
Investment Bank b,
, Full Service
Credit Suisse First Boston, Full Service
Investment Bank c, University

This file translates to the output as shown on the right.

Import Companies
Figure 8: Import Companies
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2.3.5 Types

Every Company is associated to a type (or Company Category). Types can be added, modified, and deleted. The default tables come pre-populated with two Company types: "Full Service", and "Specialty".

A type that is associated to a Company cannot be deleted without first changing the affected Company's types. In this case, the Administrator is prompted with an error message and a list of Companies.

Company Types
Figure 9: Company Types
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Deleting Type that is associated to Companies
Figure 10: Deleting Type that is associated to Companies
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