Aqua Phoenix

  2. Application

2.4 Users

Users comprise the Administrators and Voters of eVote. All Users are allowed to set up voting blotters and vote, but only Administrators have the privilege to use the Reporting and Admin engine. All Users are listed in the Admin menu. From this point,

  • a new User can be added;
  • an existing User can be modified or deleted by selecting the User from the drop-down box then selecting Modify or Delete;
  • a list of Users can be added altogether by importing an Excel (.csv) file with specific formatting options
  • types of Users can be added, modified, and deleted;

2.4.1 Add User

Users are added by the following fields (required ones marked with *):

  • *First Name
  • Middle Initial
  • *Last Name
  • *UserID (e.g. some short form by which a User can be identified; this serves as the login username)
  • *Password
  • *Confirm Password
  • *Type
  • Region
  • Company
  • *Access Level

When adding a User, the userid is checked in the database for duplicates. Duplicates are not allowed and will not be added. In this case, the Administrator is prompted with an error message.

Add User
Figure 11: Add User

2.4.2 Modify User

All User data can be modified freely without affecting the relationship to already cast votes. A userID can only be changed to non-existing IDs.

2.4.3 Delete User

When a User is deleted, all associations to voting blotters, as well as already cast votes for this User are deleted as well.

Note: Once data has been deleted, it cannot be revived.