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2. FTI Editor

The FTI Editor user interface resembles IconSmith in its drawing area and color chooser. However, FTI Editor combines most UI components in one frame, whereas IconSmith separates the color chooser. With ever-expanding desktop screens, it is no longer necessary to explicitely maximize the drawing area.

The interface is divided into a tool panel and a 100*100 pixel icon preview on the left, the drawing area in the center, the color chooser and more tools on the right, and a geometry object list on the bottom.

Figure 1.5: FTI Editor
Click image to enlarge, or click here to open
FTI Editor features many tools that are useful in constructing and modifying objects:
  • Construction:
    • Draw Polygon (Shortcut Key: p (Polygon))
    • Draw Polyline (Shortcut Key: l (polyLine))
    • Draw Point Cloud (Shortcut Key: c (Cloud))
  • Selection:
    • Select Object(s) via individual select or marquee (Shortcut Key: s (Select))
    • Select Vertex/Vertices via individual select or marquee (Shortcut Key: v (Vertex))
    • Select Nothing (Shortcut Key: Esc or u (Unselect))
  • Editing:
    • Move Selected Objects/Vertices (Shortcut Key: m (Move); cursors to move geometry)
    • Scale Selected Objects/Vertices
    • Move Pivot (used for scaling) (Shortcut Key: i (pIvot))
    • Remove Geometry (Shortcut Key: Del (DELete))
    • Copy Geometry (Shortcut Key: Ctrl-c)
    • Add Vertex to Edge
    • Remove Vertex from Edge
    • Label Geometry (included as comments in FTI file)
    • Reorder Geometry (foreground/background)
  • Color:
    • Assign Fill/Outline Color
    • Pick Color from Object
  • Grid:
    • Grid On/Off (Shortcut Key: g (Grid))
    • Grid Snap (Shortcut Key: r (gRid snap))
  • Template:
    • Load/Clear Background Template Image
    • Adjust Background Template Image Transparency
  • File operations:
    • New (Shortcut Key: Ctrl-n)
    • Open File (Shortcut Key: Ctrl-o)
    • Import File (Shortcut Key: Ctrl-i)
    • Save File (Shortcut Key: Ctrl-s)
    • Save As File (Shortcut Key: Shift-Ctrl-s)