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    Kahva was developed as a homework for the course Networks (W4119) at the School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University.

The purpose of the assignment was to come up with a Game in Java to introduce Java RMI. The Client is an applet that connects to the server and allows the users to interact with other clients. To this end, the client receives a status object that informs the client about players, objects, and messages in a given room. The client applet paints the room based on that information. The status of the room is continuously updated (once a second), as opposed to only on moving from one room to another.

Any action by the client will result in the remote method call as defined by the PlayerInterface. Actions available are register, getStatus, move, pickup, apply crystal (attack, heal, etc), say (for messages), createBot, and createRoom.

More specifications about Client and Server on the next few pages.