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2. The GUI Client

The Interface Screen is split into four sections:
  1. The Room provides a visual depiction of crystals, players, and doorways in the room. Moreover, crystals can be picked up by selecting them, and players can be toggled, so as to either apply a crystal on them, or send a private message.
  2. The Inventory enumerates all crystals owned by the player
  3. Mythical appearance window show one of three mythical figures that are in the current room. In a large cave system, this screen will be black most of the time, as there exist only three of these mystical appearances.
  4. The Control Box provides options to turn music and/or sound effects on/off, send messages, read a short help text, and view the player's health level.

Figure 1.1: Kahva Main Screen
Click image to enlarge, or click here to open
Besides writing private and public messages, the message box can also be utilized to create Bots and new rooms:
  • New Bots are created by typing in @createBot. Bots receive the name of the player that created them, as well as the ending -Bot. Bots act much like players, except that they don't attack the player that created them.
  • New Rooms are created by typing in @createRoom DIRECTION, where DIRECTION is one of NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, or WEST. If there were to exist a room, e.g. in the EAST, that has no doorway, then @createRoom would still create a new room, but rather on a different level, i.e. above or below the existing room. Rooms are created on a conceptual level, rather than a real map.

2.1 Elements in the GUI Client

2.1.1 Room objects

Player (subtitled with name)
A player can be selected by clicking on it once (a red frame marks selections)
Doorway leading to a room in the North, South, East, and West
Click on a door to move through it to another room

2.1.2 Mythical Appearances

Can be selected in conjunction with crystals


2.1.3 Room and Inventory Objects

Crystals can be picked up (and moved into the inventory) by clicking them.

Green Crystal: Add 5 health points to player
Used by clicking
Orange Crystal: Fill up health bar to its maximum of 20
Used by clicking
Black Crystal: Calm the Unicorn (only applicable to Unicorn)
Used by selecting crystal and then the Unicorn in either order.
Blue Crystal: Slash everyone in the room for 10 health points (except the own player)
Used by clicking
Cyan Crystal: Add 10 points of shield to the player
Used by clicking
Red Crystal: Slash a selected player or mystical appearance for 0 to 5 health points (random)
Used by selecting crystal and then a player of mythical appearance in either order.