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5. DHCP / BOOTP Script

The DHCP/BOOTP Perl script below can be used as a secondary DHCP server to serve SunRay Server parameters to SunRay Thin Clients on distant networks. Running this script on a subnet with one or more SunRay Thin Clients requires one additional machine on that same subnet, which will act as the secondary DHCP server. While this constraint may appear to defeat the purpose of having a thin client, it is not unreasonable to have some machine, whether Windows or Unix based, run this script in the background.

  BOOTP Perl Script  
This script is a work in progress, and can be modified freely. The structure has been set up to allow for simple extensions to types of DHCP responses.

The main part of the script listens on port 67 for DHCP requests from the subnet and responds to those for registered MAC addresses. A hashtable contains the mapping of MAC addresses to function calls for DHCP responses. This scheme is useful for sending custom responses to SunRay Thin Clients.

Note: Tips for setting up the Sun Ray Server in a shared, routed environment are available in the Reference/OS section .