Aqua Phoenix


Info contains 2 sub-interfaces: "User Info" and "System Info".

User Info:

This interface allows the account manager to customize the output for User Info. Several options can be used to only display a particular portion of users:

  • a particular group
  • or all users that satisfy one or more conditions:
    • Expired
    • Non-Expired
    • Disabled
    • Non-Disabled
    • Default Password
    • Paid
    • Non-Paid
    • Paid via IDI
    • Exempt
    • Volunteer

The output can be further customized by selecting the fields for which user info is displayed, and by what field the information is to be sorted.

User Info - Select
Figure 11: User Info - Select
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User information is written into a text area in tabulated form. The text can be copied and pasted into a text editor for further use.

User Info - Output
Figure 12: User Info - Output
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System Info:

This interface displays hard drive usage on all server mounted partitions. Info on usage includes the following for a given partition:

  • Number of users (counted by home directory)
  • List of unique groups to whom the users belong to
  • size (Gb)
  • used (Gb)
  • available (Gb)
System Info
Figure 13: System Info
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