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  Write and YP Restart
Write and YP Restart
Figure 14: Write and YP Restart
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This interface is used to save the following databases to files on disk:

  • User database, Password component (/etc/passwd.nis)
  • User database, User Information component (YPMan specific)
  • Aliases (/etc/aliases), which is a list of e-mail re-directs, in case the server does not handle user e-mail accounts
  • FTP (/etc/ftpaccess), which is a list of usernames that are NOT allowed to log into the server via FTP
  • Netgroup database (/etc/netgroup)

In addition to saving each component individually, the account manager may save all at once.

Writing the User database Password component is somewhat special. Since all user data is stored in memory while YPMan is open, password information about users may be outdated by the time the password file is rewritten (in case users change their password). For this reason, the password file is read right before writing the new version, at which point all non-YPMan-modified passwords are replaced by their system-current versions. This process ensures synchronization of data.

The interface also offers the option of restarting YP for the passwd and netgroup components. This is only necessary after a user account has been added/modified/deleted.