Aqua Phoenix

Figure 15: Settings
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This interface defines locations of files and some global variables:

  • YPMan Files:
    • Batch Add Configuration
    • Batch Add Registration
    • Default Homedir Structure (directory)
    • E-Mail Database
    • FTP Database header
    • Host database [YPMan]
    • Save account Database; from WWW interface
    • Log file
    • Mail Forward Header
    • Netgroup Database
    • Netgroup Header
    • User Database
  • System Files (with examples):
    • FTP Database [/etc/ftpaccess]
    • Groups [/etc/group]
    • Mail Forward Database [/etc/aliases]
    • Mail Program [/usr/lib/sendmail]
    • Netgroups [/etc/netgroup]
    • Password File [/etc/passwd.nis]
    • YP Restart command for Netgroups [/var/yp/ypmake -u netgroup]
    • YP Restart command for User Database [/var/yp/ypmake -u passwd]
  • Variables:
    • Default Mail Forward appendix (e.g. @mailhub)
    • Default Password
    • Default Password in Base 64, i.e. encrypted
    • Default Shell
    • Next Expiration Date
    • Start GID; used as a starting point for "find next GID"
    • Start UID; used as a starting point for "find next UID"

Changes to the settings file are not brought into effect until the account manager leaves this interface via "OK". The settings file is rewritten at that point. "Cancel" thus cancels any changes.