Aqua Phoenix

  Batch Add Users

Batch Add contains 2 sub-interfaces: "Settings" and "Load Users".


This interface is used to link user groups to home directory roots and names of courses. The term "courses" is rather arbitrary, and may as well refer to departments or research groups. The account manager cannot define user groups with this interface (see Groups instead); the groups must exist prior to linking them to courses.

The fields "Class" and "Name" appear on the WWW interface as a selection for account registrants. When batch-adding users, the fields "Group" and "Homedir Root" are then used to create all the necessary directories and ownerships.

Batch Add Settings
Figure 3: Batch Add Settings
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Load Users:

This interface reads the new registrations that have been written by the WWW interface, and displays the usernames in a multi-selection list. The account manager now selects all those usernames, which are to be added.

When adding a list of users, the following tasks are executed:

  • if the username does not exist, the user is added by creating the home directory, setting ownership, and sending the user an e-mail.
  • if the username already exists, the user's home directory is moved to its new root, if necessary. In this case, the user does not receive an e-mail.
  • in both cases, the user is removed from the New Account Registration file.
Batch Add Load Users
Figure 4: Batch Add Load Users
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Linked to

  • WWW User Registration Interface: through the settings file, as well as the New Account Registration file.
  • Netgroups: through the group definition. Netgroups are defined by groups, among others. When adding a user with a group that appears in a netgroup definition, the user is automatically added to the netgroup.
  • Write & Restart: Upon batch adding users, the Main Menu is notified that a change in the user database has occured. The Main Menu now displays a Warning message, which prompts the account manager to write the user database, as well as restarting YP.

After adding user accounts, the change in the user database needs to be written to disk in a separate process (see "Write and Restart")