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  Edit User
Edit User
Figure 5: Edit User
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Before editing user accounts, the user is chosen from a list of all users. Several options can be used to only display a particular portion of users:

  • a particular group
  • or all users that satisfy one or more conditions:
    • Expired
    • Non-Expired
    • Disabled
    • Non-Disabled
    • Paid (= paid, exempt, volunteer, paid via IDI)
    • Non-Paid
    • "Keep" Requests (from WWW)
    • non-"Keep" Requests
    • Default Password

The Edit User Interface resembles the Add User Menu in its visuals and functionality. All user account and user info fields can be changed.

Linked to

  • Netgroups: same as Add User
  • Write & Restart: Upon editing a user, the Main Menu is notified that a change in the user database has occured. The Main Menu now displays a Warning message, which prompts the account manager to write the user database, as well as restarting YP.

When editing a user, the main fields are checked for correctness and duplicates. The following tasks are executed on a successful check:

  • the user's home directory is moved, if necessary
  • the ownership for the user's home directory is reset, if necessary

After editing user accounts, the change in the user database needs to be written to disk in a separate process (see "Write and Restart")