Aqua Phoenix

Figure 7: Groups
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The Group interface defines user groups (/etc/groups) by providing the following fields:

    Password in Base 64 format, i.e. encrypted
    Group Locked (toggle on/off)
    numerical GroupID
    Usernames (for users that are not part of this group, but must have access)
indicates that the value can be looked up in the currect group database. In case of duplicates, a warning is displayed on the right hand side of the screen, next to the field.
fills the field with the next best, non-duplicate value.

The buttons "Clear", "Save Entry", and "Delete" are used in conjunction with the list of groups. The interface uses the field "Name" as a unique identifier for items in the list. A group is added to the list by merely saving it ("Save Entry") under a new, unique name. Group data is edited in a similar fashion.

Changes to groups are not brought into effect until the account manager leaves this interface via "OK". The group file is rewritten at that point. "Cancel" thus cancels all additions and changes.