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  Mass Mail

Mass Mail contains 2 sub-interfaces: "Settings" and "Mass Mail".


This interface is used to define e-mail messages which can be sent out with Mass Mail to selected users. Every e-mail is identified by a unique ID, which can be descriptive string of the e-mail. Other than that, every e-mail contains the following typical fields:

  • From (e-mail address)
  • Subject
  • Message

The following list of meta tags can be used in the e-mail message:

  • First + Last Name
  • Username
  • Default Password (in plain text, i.e. unencrypted)

The buttons "Clear", "Save Entry", and "Delete" are used in conjunction with the list of e-mails. The interface uses the field "Name" as a unique identifier for items in the list. An e-mail is added to the list by merely saving it ("Save Entry") under a new, unique name. E-mail data is edited in a similar fashion.

Changes to the e-mail database are not brought into effect until the account manager leaves this interface via "OK". The e-mail database file is rewritten at that point. "Cancel" thus cancels all additions and changes.

Mass Mail Settings
Figure 9: Mass Mail Settings
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Mass Mail:

This interface allows the account manager to select an e-mail (by its unique ID), and usernames from a list, to whom the e-mail is to be sent. Several options can be used to only display a particular portion of users:

  • a particular group
  • or all users that satisfy one or more conditions:
    • Expired
    • Non-Expired
    • Disabled
    • Non-Disabled
    • Paid (= paid, exempt, volunteer, paid via IDI)
    • Non-Paid
    • "Keep" Requests (from WWW)
    • non-"Keep" Requests
    • Default Password
Mass Mail
Figure 10: Mass Mail
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