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File Name Errors

Functions that accept file name arguments usually detect these errno error conditions relating to file name syntax. These errors are referred to throughout this manual as the usual file name syntax errors.

The process does not have search permission for a directory component of the file name.

This error is used when either the the total length of a file name is greater than PATH_MAX, or when an individual file name component has a length greater than NAME_MAX. See section Limits on File System Capacity.

In the GNU system, there is no imposed limit on overall file name length, but some file systems may place limits on the length of a component.

This error is reported when a file referenced as a directory component in the file name doesn't exist, or when a component is a symbolic link whose target file does not exist. See section Symbolic Links.

A file that is referenced as a directory component in the file name exists, but it isn't a directory.

Too many symbolic links were resolved while trying to look up the file name. The system has an arbitrary limit on the number of symbolic links that may be resolved in looking up a single file name, as a primitive way to detect loops. See section Symbolic Links.

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